Pumping, Bottles + Formula


Your comprehensive guide to feeding your baby beyond the breast.

This course is for you if...

  • You want a clear understanding of how to pump with maximum output, efficiency, and comfort
  • You are looking to establish or maximize your milk supply
  • You want evidence-based pumping, bottle, and formula feeding advice without pressure or judgment
  • You are returning to work and need a game plan for feeding
  • You are overwhelmed by formula choices and unsure about ingredients

"Another amazing course by Larissa!"

“Her Pumping, Bottles, and Formula course covers every detail you can think of. As a 3rd time mom with previous struggles nursing and pumping for my children I now feel confident, prepared, and empowered to feed my newborn.”


Course Details

Pumping, Bottles + Formula is a self-paced, 100% online course that will provide you with all the information you need to express and store breastmilk, and how to best bottle feed your infant with expressed breast milk, formula, or both! 

Course Contents:

Upon enrollment, you’ll have immediate access to all course content, including:

Meet Your Instructor

Hi! I’m Larissa O’Loughlin, RN, IBCLC, CCE, CPST, Certified American Heart Association CPR Instructor, and owner of The Mama Coach – Westchester, NY.

I provide parents with qualified infant feeding support and education through in-home lactation visits, virtual feeding consultations, and online courses and workshops. My passion is helping parents meet their feeding goals while also focusing on their mental health and sustainability of feeding routines.

I created this course to take the mystery out of pumping, bottle feeding, and formula. The vast majority of infants in North America are taking at least some or all of their feeds with a bottle – parents deserve quality education about these topics without judgment!
Specializing in Labor + Delivery, Lactation Support, and Parent Education
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Through private classes, live workshops, and online courses

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! This course is completely self paced. You can start at any time and come back to it whenever you need. Content is broken down into 2-10 minute lessons so you can learn at a pace that works best for you. You can watch lessons in any order based on what’s most relevant to you at the time.

As long as I am hosting this course, you will have access to the content, including any course updates. You decide when to start and you can come back to reference the content at any time.

Yes. There is an option to turn on English captions for all videos.

Included Bonuses

Breast Storage Capacity and Your "Magic Number"

The Magic Number refers to the number of milk removals needed per day to keep milk production stable. This varies greatly from person to person. This guide will help you determine your Magic Number, and explain how that number will impact your milk supply.

Paced Feeding Handout For Caregivers

Paced bottle feeding allows a baby to more easily control their intake with a bottle like they do at the breast. This printable handout helps caregivers (like daycare providers and family members) learn how to pace feed and understand why it's important.

Guide to Switching Formulas

If your infant is not tolerating the formula you are using, this guide will help you determine next steps, in coordination with your child's healthcare provider.

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